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The Company provides you with general information material on its corporate identity, its products and its activities through its web site SOFRONASBAGS.GR  (hereinafter referred to as the “Online Store”). At the same time, this website is a major means of communication of the Company via the Internet to the public of its products. The Company operates in the field of e-commerce and specifically sells to consumers handmade jewelry. The Online Store belongs to the Company, which is the administrator of the Online Store. The Company hereby declares that the Online Store operates legally, in accordance with applicable law.

Our Company follows a free pricing policy based on its commercial strategy, always in the framework of the envisaged legislation, in particular the provisions on the protection of competition (fair and unfair). Our Company makes occasional offers of products or other promotional activities whenever it deems necessary. Also, the Company reserves the right and you hereby accept this to modify the prices quoted and change and / or withdraw the offers at any time with or without your prior notice.

7. Payment

For shipments of Goods, the Company accepts payments by credit / debit card. By way of exception and exclusively for the purchase of Goods INSIDE Greece, the Company accepts payments also by cash on delivery, as well as deposit into a bank account.

IBAN : GR85 0260 0120 0003 6020 0795 455