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Handmade accessories since 1967

beauty, excellence and high craftmanship

The SOFRONAS company has been active in the field of fashion with the manufacture, wholesale and retail sale of women’s accessories since 1967 with success.

The main reasons that contributed to the company’s development are its many years of experience, its specialized and fully qualified staff, its most advanced technological equipment and its reliable partnerships.

Each SOFRONAS bag is the result of a work of high manufacturing tradition, the union between craftmanship and excellence, that gives life to an exclusive object beyond every fashion and season.

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Athens, 49 Ermou str
210 32 21 350

Athens, 2 Axarlian str
210 32 24 372

Laboratory – Wholesale
Athens, 29 Praxitelous str
210 32 27 902

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e-shop : +30 210 32 24 372

MONDAY – FRIDAY : 10:00 – 17:00